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1VALET + Snaile revolutionize package delivery

1VALET entry kiosk
1VALET entry kiosk.

1VALET and Canada’s parcel locker company Snaile have teamed up to create a new package management system that grants contactless building access to couriers with no pin code required.

The solution eliminates missed deliveries and ensures packages are delivered the first time.

The 1VALET entry console system grants first-time delivery access for all courier companies, simply by scanning the package to be delivered.

Video: Snaile and 1VALET package delivery

Packages are then safely stored in the Snaile smart lockers, and residents receive notification via their 1VALET resident app as soon as the packages are ready to be picked up.

The way we buy things has changed — so the way we receive packages should too.

To learn more, visit snailelockers.com

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