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Arbutus & West 16th Esso to be replaced by rentals

Northeast perspective - Arbutus and West 16th
Northeast perspective. Credit: Yamamoto Architecture

Strand is proposing a four-storey, secured market rental building at the corner of Arbutus and West 16th, on the current site of an Esso gas station.

The development site is an Esso gas station at the corner of West 16th Avenue and Arbutus Street. Credit: Google Maps

The new building, designed by Yamamoto Architecture, will include ground-floor retail space and 39 underground parking stalls.

The mix will include 12 studios, 23 one-bedroom, 17 two-bedroom and 2 three-bedroom apartments.

The subject site was previously a gas station, which neither represented the scale and rhythm of single family homes, nor reinforced a streetscape character. The proposed development brings rental apartments and community serving retail, and will help to provide a pedestrian-oriented scale to this corner.

Yamamoto Architecture

The four ground-floor commercial spaces are intended to house community-serving retail spaces.

Design of the building is meant to be a “sister” building to Strand‘s Kits Walk rental building at 2075 West 12th Avenue.


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