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$330,000 public art on Cambie Street ‘perplexing’

Cambie Street Public Art Vancouver

A new condo development on Cambie Street near Queen Elizabeth Park is reinforcing the old adage, “art is subjective.”

Quirky public art in Vancouver is nothing new — remember the Main Street Poodle, or the (still going strong) A-Maze-ing Laughter at English Bay?

Main Street poodle. Credit: City of Vancouver

Now, several new public art pieces outside of a recently completed condo development on Cambie Street are attracting attention.

The art runs the gamut from Converse shoes, to hats, to what looks like a proud grocer’s orange display, and it’s all available for viewing (and critiques) from passersby at the 35 Park West development near Queen Elizabeth Park.

The development’s pubic art budget was $331,850.

Source: Twitter

Unfortunately, there are no information plaques or signage yet, so channel your inner art critic, and let’s take a look.

Put your best foot forward

Remember your Converse high tops?
No word on sizing.
Unfortunately the artist is still learning how to tie their shoes.

Orange you glad you came?

The Citrus Pyramid of Cambie Street.
The artist may have been a produce department manager in a previous life.

Hats off to you.

Mind if I hang this here so you can see it every time you walk through your front door?
I should have given you a heads up first.
How long do you think it will be before the strata decides to remove these?
Hats off to the artist.

Bonus round: What on earth is this?

A pen for children and/or pets? A home for ants?
If you know what this is, please reach out.


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