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Developer Marcon sharing real-time project updates online

Waiting for a presale condominium to complete can sometimes be a frustrating and confusing process, with construction taking years to complete and the possibility of unexpected delays.

Local developer Marcon is doing something interesting — providing real-time construction updates on their website, including photos, milestones and a projected completion date.

Nic Paolella, vice president of development at Marcon, says it’s information they are happy to share.

“When you buy a home that has yet to be built, it could be 24-36 months — or longer — from the time you signed your contract to purchase to the time you move in. For most people this will be the largest purchase they’ll ever make and they shouldn’t be left wondering how the process unfolds. We are confident in our ability to deliver consistent quality and timely completions. So we are pulling back the curtains because we should but also, because we can.”

Information like phases of construction, including demolition and foundation, framing and roofing, rough-ins and drywall, landscaping, interior finishes and final detailing is all displayed online.

567 Clarke + Como progress shot
Construction progress at 567 Clarke + Como. Credit: Marcon
567 Clarke + Como progress shot
Construction progress at 567 Clarke + Como. Credit: Marcon

Here’s a look at progress on their 567 Clarke + Como tower in Coquitlam, as of December 21, 2019. A live progress report is available here.

Marcon 567 Clarke and Como progress December 2019
Progress on 567 Clarke + Como as of December 2019.

Paolella says the transparency offers many benefits — not just for purchasers but for the developer and community as well.

“We know the general public is often skeptical of development, and at times, for good reason. This onus is on us to demonstrate that we are doing our best to support good growth in our communities. We believe that when you see and understand the real process of our work, it’s a win win for everyone. At the end of the day, transparency leads to better relationships with all stakeholders in the development process.”

Paolella says they will provide monthly updates at minimum throughout the development process, with construction photos and completed milestones.

Rendering of 567 Clarke + Como
Rendering of 567 Clarke + Como. Credit: Marcon

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Peter Meiszner
Peter Meiszner
Peter Meiszner is an experienced journalist and media relations professional, based in Vancouver. As founder of urbanYVR.com, he has been reporting on urban development across the Lower Mainland since 2016, and has also served as vice-chair of the Gastown Historic Area Planning Committee. In October 2022, he was elected to Vancouver city council and is no longer actively reporting for urbanYVR.

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