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Businesses, property owners band together against city’s plan to downzone Chinatown

The City of Vancouver wants to put the brakes on the redevelopment of Chinatown with market condominiums, by reversing course on previous policy allowing...

Slim condo building proposed next to Keefer Bar in Chinatown

A proposal for a slim, 10-storey condo building nestled next to the Keefer Bar has been revived. James Schouw and Associates have submitted a revised...

City council rejects 105 Keefer Street rezoning application

Community activists in Vancouver's Chinatown neighbourhood are celebrating after city council voted not to approve a proposal for a new condo tower at 105...

Community groups, local MP ramp up Chinatown condo opposition

Community groups opposed to the rezoning of a vacant lot in Vancouver's Chinatown held a press conference Friday ahead of next week's council vote. Chinese-Canadian veterans and community organizations...

Proposal for Chinatown condos reworked for fourth time

A controversial proposal for a new condo building in Chinatown has been re-worked for a third time.

Beedie Living is proposing a 13 storey building at 105 Keefer St., combining market residential and seniors social housing. Any development in the area is controversial, and especially this site, as it overlooks the Dr. Sun Yet Sun Garden and is directly in front of the Chinatown Plaza.


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