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Developments to add nearly 200 units to Vancouver’s housing stock

Four separate development applications from across Vancouver will add nearly 200 homes to the city's housing stock including townhomes, secured market rental and moderate-income units.

Daycare, 124 rental units slated at Main and East 54th

Two six-storey buildings containing 124 secured market rental units are planned at Main and East 54th, south of the Sunset Community Centre.

Rentals planned for single-family lots on SW Marine

A rezoning application has been filed for a site at SW Marine Drive and Manitoba Street, for a six-storey, secured market rental building.

Martial arts studio hopes for K.O. with redevelopment plan

A small building housing The Li Rong Wushu and Qigong martial arts academy on Slocan Street will soon make way for a four-storey, mixed-use building.

Four-storey building to squeeze onto 33′ lot off Main Street

A new development application in Mount Pleasant shows how a narrow lot on a predominately residential street can be densified.

Apartments over retail for East 49th & Victoria Drive

A four-storey, mixed-use building is planned for the corner of East 49th Avenue and Victoria Drive, with residential over retail.

Secured market rentals for West 70th in Marpole

Matthew Cheng Architect Inc. has designed a six-storey, secured market rental building with 65 units in Marpole.


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