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Benefits of buying a Vancouver presale condo

Buying a presale condo in Vancouver has been a favourite option for both, home owners and investors for quite some time. A presale condo...

Purchasing a presale condo: Five things to consider

When choosing a presale condo in Vancouver, you are not necessarily purchasing a tangible property just yet; You are receiving a contract for the...

Opportunities abound in downtown Vancouver for savvy condo investors

There are many statistics floating around estimating how much prices have dropped so far in Vancouver during this past year. These stats are often too general or biased to be considered fully reliable. Shawn Brown of West Haven Group explains why.

Analysis: Year in review and opportunities ahead in Vancouver real estate

2018 was an interesting year for Vancouver real estate. The three preceding years had seen a very hot and competitive market, but this changed suddenly last March. Even with the shifting market, there are still opportunities for savvy buyers and investors.

Yesterday you said today: Final townhomes of Woodstock at Oakridge now selling

That’s the thing with real estate isn’t it, hindsight is always 20/20. One day you’re deciding whether you ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t’ and the next...

Kitsilano ‘pile of rubble’ for sale for nearly $4 million

Every once a while, one spots a listing that epitomizes Vancouver's sky high, outrageously expensive real estate market. 2573 West 3rd Avenue in Kitsilano is...


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