1VALET + Snaile revolutionize package delivery

1VALET and Canada’s parcel locker company Snaile have teamed up with a new package management system that grants contactless building access.

Snaile smart parcel lockers fight the lobby looter

As more people shop online, mail theft and porch pirates continue to be a growing problem. The smart parcel locker is a technology driven solution.

Snaile CEO Patrick Armstrong on parcel management solutions in multi-residential buildings

Savvy property managers are turning to smart parcel lockers, like those by Snaile, Canada’s Parcel Locker Company, to manage high volumes of deliveries.

Putting an end to the dreaded delivery notice card

Smart parcel lockers are proving to be an increasingly crucial amenity for residents of multi-residential buildings as parcel deliveries continue to skyrocket.

Out-SMART thieves this holiday season with a Snaile Smart Parcel Locker

Parcel theft can put a serious damper on the holidays, but savvy property managers are evading the problem, with Snaile smart parcel lockers.

Snaile Parcel Lockers: A smart addition to any condo, office or apartment building

Smart technology like Snaile smart parcel lockers are playing a key role in managing deliveries in Canadian multi-residential buildings.

Snaile: Smart solutions for post-pandemic problems

In an effort to mitigate the myriad of problems associated with the onslaught of parcels from online shopping, many are turning to technology to save the day – including smart parcel lockers, such as those produced by Canadian-owned and operated Snaile.


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