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Metro Vancouver real estate news by city

We cover the latest real estate news across Metro Vancouver, including Burnaby, Richmond, Coquitlam, North Van, Surrey and more. Find the latest information on condos, rental apartments, commercial and industrial, parks and public spaces and transportation, organized by municipality.

Lower Mainland

Vancouver Island


The Vancouver real estate market is dominated by multi-family housing developments, including high-rise condos, townhouses and low-rise apartment blocks. Surrey is the fastest growing city in Metro Vancouver and is on track to surpass the City of Vancouver’s population within a decade. While this is happening, the City of Vancouver is busy updating neighbourhood plans and zoning to encourage the construction of new, multi-family housing across the city, particularly on the Cambie Corridor, where it hopes to create 30,000 new housing units by 2041.

The extension of SkyTrain from VCC-Clark to Arbutus, scheduled to be complete in 2025, will also spur redevelopment along the Broadway Corridor. There has been some criticism that the recently released Broadway Plan does not go far enough in terms of encouraging the type of density that Vancouver needs to meet its housing shortage.

Vancouver real estate is resilient, having weathered the financial crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The city faces affordability challenges and is routinely cited as one of the most expensive housing markets, relative to income, in the world.