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First project under new Grandview-Woodland plan revealed

We are getting a look at one of the first new developments to be built under the new Grandview-Woodland community plan for the Commercial Drive area.

Developer Intracorp and architects Perkins + Will have applied to the City of Vancouver to construct a 10 storey residential building with market condos and rental apartments, at the corner of Victoria Drive and East 11th Avenue.

The site is currently made up of single family homes on eight lots. One of the homes, a heritage “class B” structure will be relocated and restored as part of the development.

The main building will have a total of 149 units, including 76 secured market rental residential units and 73 strata units, and 108 underground parking spaces. There will be several amenity areas including planter boxes for urban agriculture.

Intracorp development Victoria and East 11 Ave.
The lower heights on the west and east of the project site respond to the current context and the future developed massing. Credit: Intracorp/Perkins+Will

“As one of the first buildings to be built in the area under the new Grandview-Woodland plan, this proposal seeks to be an example of high quality design to set a positive tone for future development. The design is clean, simple, and smart to suit its surroundings,” reads application documents filed with the city.

A community open house will be held on July 5, 2017 from 5-7:30pm, at the Croatian Cultural Centre, at 3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver.

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Peter Meiszner
Peter Meiszner
Peter Meiszner is an experienced journalist and media relations professional, based in Vancouver. As founder of urbanYVR.com, he has been reporting on urban development across the Lower Mainland since 2016, and has also served as vice-chair of the Gastown Historic Area Planning Committee. In October 2022, he was elected to Vancouver city council and is no longer actively reporting for urbanYVR.

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  1. High quality design ! That statement alone is ridiculous. Another box building with glass,no sign of any forward thinking engineering or design that I can see. Are there any of the two types of Solar panels? Rain water reclaim storage tanks? Geothermal heating? Those rooftop gardens need watering. 149 units, yet only 108 parking spots? Good Design my a$$. Certainly no rooftop patio, covered area for common area BBQ or enjoying a spectacular view with friends or family. Even the ” Sticky Wicket ” bar in Victoria ( our capital city ) has a rooftop that includes a sand volleyball area. Let’s just get rid of that lovely heritage house and move it to some other neighbourhood, we wouldn’t want it to clash with or get in the way of this new box which will line the developers pockets with money. ” Smart to suit its surroundings” what does that even mean? These catchy terms are just silly. I guess we should dress smartly to make certain we all suit our surroundings is actually something that makes sense. What does this box do that is smart? Will it incorporate a 90% LED Lighting throughout ? Will the developers be paying for all the new street lights and signals required for the change needed for this densification? We all see the disaster the Olympic village has caused for all traffic on East 2nd! Oops guess the City should have thought about all the advance green lights need in both directions at every intersection along that route. Nice planning of infrastructure there! If you seek to be an example, then take a better look at designs from around the world. There are countries like Germany, France, and all,over the globe that deal with heritage surroundings and design much more interesting progressive and ” Green” structures than this rubbish being touted in this so called ” High Quality Design” there is only good or bad design, even bad design could be mislabeled as high quality. And yes it will be totally unaffordable

    Is that the sound of the Viduct being torn down? Oh great more insightful planning by our so called city.

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