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Sen̓áḵw construction expected to begin this year; service agreement signed

A service agreement between the Squamish Nation and the City of Vancouver was signed Wednesday for Sen̓áḵw, which will include 6,000 purpose-built rental homes.

New interior renderings of renovated First Baptist Church at The Butterfly

New, never-before seen renderings of the interior were released Monday to urbanYVR.

London Design Biennale: Canada makes you DUCkT

Vancouver's Revery Architecture unveiled its installation for the 2021 London Design Biennale, representing our willingness to "bend."

The Butterfly Westbank takes flight in Vancouver

The Butterfly by Westbank may be the most beautiful residential tower in downtown Vancouver to date, on track for completion in 2023.

Burrard Place reaches skyward as final floors poured

The 53-storey Burrard Place tower and office building at Drake and Burrard in downtown Vancouver has completely transformed the block.

Development of Squamish Nation Sen̓áḵw Lands approved by members

Sen̓áḵw Lands Approved: “The Squamish Nation council is thrilled with the outcome of this referendum, which was approved by a landslide. This is truly a landmark moment in our Nation’s history," said Khelsilem, Squamish Nation councillor.

Families at West 4th and Collingwood face demoviction

A proposed redevelopment at the corner of West 4th and Collingwood has several families wondering where they'll go next.


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