Vancouver man posts video showing deficiencies in $1.3M condo

Apparent issues with kitchen cabinets, flooring, tile and electrical shown in video

Vancouver resident and YouTuber Bradley Friesen has posted a video tour of several apparent deficiencies in a $1.3 million condominium he was renting downtown.

Friesen said in an online post he had no other choice than to move out of the rental, as repairing deficiencies with the flooring would have required him to remove all of his belongings.

He says he was offered $113 per night for alternative accommodations while the repairs would have taken place. 

Friesen says that his landlord allowed him to terminate his lease early due to the hassle. Ironically, Friesen had sold a condo he owned in Yaletown before moving into the rental.

In the video, he shows various apparent deficiencies with the unit, including issues with the kitchen cabinets, flooring, drywall, electrical, and gaps around fixtures in the shower.

Friesen says tradespeople attempted to fix some of the deficiencies without success.

He says he would have liked to fix the deficiencies himself, but didn’t feel comfortable doing so as a tenant.

Friesen says moving out of the unit has come with a financial hit, including moving expenses and the cost of a storage unit rental. In addition, the rent for his new apartment, just across the street, is higher.

The two bedroom, 1,045 square feet condominium was completed in 2016 and is reportedly assessed at $1.3 million (Canadian). It is located in downtown Vancouver, adjacent to Yaletown. 

It’s not known if the original purchaser reported the deficiencies to the developer after the initial walkthrough. Friesen says he was the first tenant to live in the unit since it was completed.

Watch Friesen’s video in full: