City of Vancouver releases Arbutus Corridor greenway video tour

Arbutus Greenway to link False Creek to Fraser River

You may remember back in March when the City of Vancouver announced it had reached an agreement with CP Rail to buy the Arbutus Corridor for $55 million.

Vancouver has big plans for the Arbutus Corridor, which runs all the way from False Creek to the Fraser River, through the posh west side. There are plans for a greenway, and today the city released a neat YouTube video tour of the 11km corridor as it looks today:

A tug-of-war between the city and CP had been raging for years. At one time, CP said the land along the dormant rail corridor was worth $400 million. After several years of threats to rip up gardens planted by residents along the unused railway, an independent appraiser helped the city and CP come to a deal.