TechnologySnaile smart parcel lockers fight the lobby looter

Snaile smart parcel lockers fight the lobby looter

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As more people shop online, mail theft and porch pirates continue to be a growing problem. Jane McIver, VP Communications and Customer Experience at Canada’s Parcel Locker Company, Snaile, shares a solution to keep our packages safe.

How big of an issue is parcel theft?

Unfortunately, parcel theft is a huge problem right now. As parcel volumes continue to increase, theft has been increasing as well. A recent survey done by a major Canadian carrier company found that one-in-three Canadians reported experiencing parcel theft in 2020, up from one-in-four the year prior. We’ve all heard about the dreaded porch pirate, but multi-residential buildings also fall victim to the same phenomenon, instead — the lobby looters. People looking for opportunistic moments to walk away with unsecured property in lobbies and common areas.

With this growing problem, it needs a solution. What is a Snaile smart locker?

The smart parcel locker is a technology driven solution to tackle this tech-driven problem. With parcel volumes going up in multi-residential settings, there needs to be a designated delivery area, where parcels can be kept securely until recipients have a chance to collect them. The smart parcel locker is a bank of compartments, and the carriers go to the ATM-style terminal and select a compartment size, and type, and a unit number, and the compartment door opens automatically. They deposit the parcel and the moment that compartment door closes, the recipient receives a text message or an email indicating that they have a delivery. At their convenience, they then go to the terminal and enter their access code, or scan a contactless QR code — the compartment door opens, they collect their parcel, and the delivery is complete.

Especially over the holidays, the lobbies of many buildings are filled with unsecured parcels. This solution addresses theft, but how can it address this other hazard?

Building managers can face huge fines when it comes to unsecured parcels littering the lobby, hallways or other common areas, it presents safety concerns for residents, tripping hazards, and there’s been recent legislation passed where property managers may incur fines up to $100,000 for repeat offences, so it’s costly on a number of levels. The smart parcel locker, serving as a one-stop shop and a designated delivery area, eliminates all of those issues. 

How easy is it for multi-residential and commercial to transition to a smart locker system?

It’s a very seamless procedure. They would work with a specialist from a company like ours, and we would determine the needs of their building, according to the demographics, the number of occupants or residents, and then the installation would be planned. It can be retrofitted to accommodate more historic buildings, for example, it can accommodate buildings small or big, or we can work directly with architects in the planning of the installation and also work with the designers to ensure it fits in with the lobby or space in question.

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