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Vancouver retail vacancy rates hit ‘extreme lows’

Despite taking a battering during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vancouver retail vacancies are at extreme lows according to a new report from Colliers International.

Sen̓áḵw construction expected to begin this year; service agreement signed

A service agreement between the Squamish Nation and the City of Vancouver was signed Wednesday for Sen̓áḵw, which will include 6,000 purpose-built rental homes.

DP filed for controversial Kitsilano rental building; streamlining rental policy goes to council today

A 6-storey rental building in Kitsilano files for a development permit, with a policy to build more projects like it before council today.

Kitsilano housing for the homeless opens for public feedback

A controversial proposal for social housing for the homeless in Kitsilano is now open for public feedback.

City pitches removing rezoning requirement for non-profit housing

The changes would remove the rezoning requirement for social and co-op housing across Vancouver, saving one to years in the development process.

Concord Quantum Park planned at former Molson Brewery

We are learning more about Concord Pacific’s plans for the former Molson Brewery site in Vancouver -- dubbed Quantum Park.

Five more units added to controversial Kitsilano rental project

The development permit for a controversial Kitsilano rental building has been filed, and it includes five additional units, which could further raise neigbourhood ire over the proposal.


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