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36 market rental units proposed in ‘Cedar Cove’

Stuart Howard Architects has designed a six-storey, market rental building for a site in east Vancouver, north of Dundas Street.

Nanaimo & Grant Street slated for four-storey building

A development permit application has been filed for the first redevelopment in the C2 rezoned area of Grandview-Woodland. Stuart Howard Architects Inc. has designed a...

Six new units to replace single-family home off Cambie

A single-family home just off Cambie Street at West 61st Avenue will be demolished to make way for a two-building, six-unit development.

Density off The Drive: Five storeys of rental for Grant Street

There aren't a ton of details, but a five-storey market rental building is slated for the 1500-block Grant Street near Commercial Drive.

Six-storey rental building for bend of Clark Drive

A six-storey rental building is proposed for the bend of Knight Street where it becomes Clark Drive, designed by Stuart Howard Architects.

Infill to add 11 new homes behind Burnaby St. apartment tower

Behind many buildings in Vancouver's West End is untapped potential -- room for an infill building that could increase the rental stock.

Fire-damaged East Broadway building gets new lease on life

A fire-damaged building on East Broadway near Fraser is about to get a new lease on life. Stuart Howard Architects has applied on behalf of a numbered company to redevelop the site, preserving the façade and adding new rental units.


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